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Since 2008, Kim has served hundreds of high-level CEOs and leaders through her proven efficient and results-driven methods to Dial In their health, lives, performance and happiness. Kim has an appreciation and understanding of her leaders’ unique goals and the results they expect. Kim’s methods are usually a decade ahead of their time, and her CEOs are natural innovators, at the forefront of ways to Dial In their health, lives, performance and happiness.

Kim’s Food Optimization Methods are derived from her own health journey; despite her training as a nutritionist, her experiments with several diets in pursuit of optimizing her energy, body and other areas through food failed to show her how to personalize foods to her own body. When she experienced a major health crash in 2003 and doctors had no answers, Kim finally learned how to listen to her own body and use food to get well.


As powerful as her food journey was, Kim still faced an intermittent relationship with wine, making her results difficult to sustain. And although she meditated and practiced yoga daily and had a great life - friends, dinners, career, money, travel - Kim woke up every day deeply unhappy and wondering if there was more.


Kim was then intuitively guided to bring all of her practices IN, thereby discovering the source of inner connection, gratitude, fulfillment and purpose. From this, Kim achieved moderation with wine and sustained her positive results, while waking up happy and inspired each day. Shortly thereafter, Kim’s purpose materialized with effortless clarity.


Friends who saw her journey to wellness asked for help, enabling her to develop and refine her methodologies through helping others achieve next-level results in energy, sleep, cognition, mood and their bodies. These friends told friends, and in 2008, Kim started serving clients, mostly CEOs initially, who became a community of natural evangelists and word quickly spread.


Kim hired and formed partnerships to grow and serve others. Kim’s methods are always evolving as she experiments constantly within herself and her clients, to personalize foods and inner practices, to facilitate efficient next-level results in health, performance and happiness.

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