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Some kind words from clients that have partaken in previous programs of mine

"I really leaned up. My running and cycling has improved and it's really nice getting affirmative comments from others. 


The reset portion was eye opening as to how the foods I was eating affected me. Having the increase in energy at the end of the first stage was great. I lost weight fast. I kept losing and now, I am down 22 pounds! I am never hungry and have learned to eat less, but good, food.


I see food in a totally different way now. This program is so much different and so much better than any other diet plan I have tried in the past. It's a whole new way of living and enjoying foods.


Thanks, Kim Love, for showing me the way! -Mark

Mark's Results:

  • Weight: ↓ 22 pounds in 5 weeks

  • Sleep Quality: ↑ "6" to "8"

  • Waking Energy: ↑ "2” to “8”

  • Afternoon Energy: ↑ "5” to “8”

  • Back Pain: ↓ "4” to “1”

  • Stress: ↓ "5” to “2”

Screenshot 2022-04-26 at 14.38.03.png

As a natural morning person, I didn't think that I wasn't being productive. But this program has given me an extra hour in the morning as I am alert the moment my eyes open. Plus, I have so much more energy throughout the day, I feel like I have added 10-15 hours more productivity to my week because of this program.


I have become completely in tune with the foods I eat and HOW those foods make me feel every single day.


As a Realtor, my days are pretty unpredictable. I have to change plans at a moments’ notice or work straight through an afternoon with no breaks as clients are sitting next to me in my car, quite often until long after the dinner hour. Meals during those days can be challenging. But now I can “hear” what my body is telling me. And I don’t reach for things that are just short term hunger fixes. I want to feel this energetic every single day, despite my crazy schedule.


I am 14 pounds leaner after about 40 days on the program. Although doing this program for 21 days is fine, I was really determined to execute the program to the letter because I want answers about my allergies. The program requires a lot of preparation but is so worth the reward. I will continue to slowly integrate soy, dairy, corn and gluten back into my diet but I am in no hurry since my body really doesn't miss it. But the weight loss? That was just a bonus. I am 6 lbs away from the thinnest weight of my adulthood. I can't wait to get to my new goal weight and I am enjoying experimenting with new foods while taking the journey. I am truly LOVING LIFE and I am not going back!

Jeneane's Food Triggers:

  • Raw garlic: stomach pains, heart burn and digestion

  • Potatoes: foggy, sleepy and weight gain


Jeneane's Power Foods:

  • Avocado: boosted weight loss

  • Red quinoa, fruit and honey: curved sweet cravings

  • Pumpkin seeds

"This was the second time that I've gone through Kim’s program, and after all the new discoveries (and challenges!) that I experienced this go-round, I now plan on making this an annual gift that I give to myself.


Mentally i feel so much clearer - my communication skills while teaching feel stronger & I have more energy to offer my students.


Similar to an insightful yoga practice, the program & its team encouraged me to deepen the awareness of my experiences as they arose - and to really tap in & listen to the messages my body was sending me.  It's not always easy or obvious, but it's so powerful & can be truly life changing. Kim’s program considers the uniqueness of the individual rather than just clumping everyone into a one-size-fits-all diet plan. Similar to a tailor who custom fits a suit for someone,it trains you how to customize your eating to best serve you - and how to make it simple & something you can sustain.


And, even though the first phase of the program is about eliminating possible trigger foods, I never felt deprived physically or emotionally, due to the knowledgeable & gentle support of the coaches & the other participants. To me this is so, so important - without it, it's so easy to just throw in the towel before you've had a chance to reap the rewards.

So grateful to Kim & her team (and to my body for welcoming dark chocolate back into it's world with such open arms :)"

Jyl's Food Triggers:

  • Raw garlic & onions: unhappy tummy & weight gain

  • Citrus: increased irritability & mild flu/fever-like symptoms & my face became flushed immediately after eating!

  • Cashews: a rash along my jawline

  • Pecans: upset tummy


Jyl's Power Foods:

  • Millet or amaranth were the best grains for me: millet + a bit of protein (beans) for breakfast gave me strong, sustained energy all day long!

  • Starchy veggies like sweet potatoes or beets at lunch help to satisfy my sweet tooth, sustain my energy & steady my digestion

  • Eating a light veg-heavy dinner on the earlier side (before 6:30 ideally) keeps me satiated til morning & brings sounder sleep

  • Roasted cauliflower (had never been a fan before)

  • Veggie Alfredo - a few times a week, so easy & soooo satisfying!

Malissa WP.png

Just prior to starting LoveLife, I was doing okay but still had a distant memory of being a healthier, more energetic person.  A year earlier I had totally burned myself out trying to work full-time, be a mom and do an executive MBA program, on two continents no less.


I had tried a number of other approaches/programs and while most of them helped, I still wasn’t feeling great and I was fairly sure it was food and/or gut related.


I realized after going through Kim’s Program that it was as much about what I was eating, along with what I didn't eat. When I don't eat enough veggies (4-6 servings for me), my body just doesn't work as well.


With the program I also got back into my pre-pregnancy jeans! Two months post and I’ve kept almost all the weight off and my energy levels are still significantly higher. This program provided the perfect combination of science, intuition, and intelligent support that I was looking for.


And the added bonus from LoveLife? I re-applied for life insurance while on the program and I moved up a health level which saved me almost 50% on my premiums ... for the next 30 years!

Melissa's New Favorite Food:

  • Love, love, love the Veggie Fettuccine sauce! I added some water and used it as salad dressing, added an avocado and used it as a dip for carrots, spread it on the seed crackers … totally happy to eat it all the time!


Melissa's Food Triggers:

  • Red meat

  • Needing more servings of veggies for optimal energy


Melissa's Power Foods:

  • Fish

  • Chicken

Hobbies: Yoga, cooking & travel

I've been on the program for 90 days -- haven't stopped, because I love the balance I've finally found! The major thing I gained is balance -- balance in my mood, my emotions, my life actually. And I can't quite believe it, but I really attribute it to finding my aligned foods.

Jamies New Favourite Foods:

Roasted veggies with hemp seeds, Seed crackers, home-made chickpeas, green smoothies, seeds, and home-made salad dressings.

Jamie's Results:


  • Weight: ↓ 19lbs (stayed down - no weight gain after program ended)

  • Sleep Quality: ↑ "5" to "9"

  • Waking Energy: ↑ "5" to "9"

  • Afternoon Energy: ↑ "5" to "9"

  • Shoulder Pain: ↓ "7" to "2"

  • Stress: ↓ "8" to "2"

Jamie's Food Intolerance:  

  • Citrus: makes drowsy and energy plummets

  • Acidic Fruits: lowers energy

  • Chicken: gives me a hangover the next day

  • Beef: digestion slows to crawl - feel sick and sluggish for days afterward

  • Rice: weight gain

Kim W.png

"I suffered from fairly constant gastrointestinal issues for over a decade. I cut gluten out of my diet (after much resistance) about 8 months ago, and that helped a ton. I signed up for the LL program because I was curious about what other foods might be creating digestion issues for me.


When I started the program I thought my energy levels were fine - I remember giving myself a 7 out of 10 for baseline pre-program energy. Ha! Three days into Phase 1 this hit-the-snooze-button-3-times-before-dragging-arse-out-of-bed gal was waking up 10 minutes before the alarm ready to jump out of bed, and then cruising through the day all the way to bedtime with high energy levels and mental focus. All without the "benefit" of coffee. It made me wish the energy scale went higher than a 10! I'm seriously addicted to having mental clarity and high levels of energy throughout the day now. That alone keeps me away from my beloved cheese, yogurt and cappuccinos.



Oh, and those GI issues? GONE.


The research center I work at is heavily focused on the impact nutrition and physical activity have on health. But the nutrition perspective is on specific nutrients and servings of vegetables, fruit, lean meat, etc. etc. Having personally seen the impact that cutting out problem foods has on my energy levels and mental acuity, I'm looking at some of our research questions in a whole new light. (The academic in me can't help herself)."

Kim's New Favorite Foods:

  • Quinoa with avocado and smoked salmon for breakfast

  • Grated sweet potatoes sauteed in coconut oil and curry

Kim's Power Foods:

Fish and vegetables at dinner led me bouncing out of bed the next morning

Kim's Food Triggers:

  • Dairy: causes congestion, extreme tiredness and a foggy brain

  • Coffee: causes the shakes and then knocks me out come mid-afternoon

  • Nightshades: causes headaches and a queasy stomach

I took the program very seriously and followed each step of the program to a T. All I can tell you is that I got way more out of it than I expected. I joined the program to clean up my diet and gain more energy but along the way I also lost those "last 5 pounds" and my skin has never looked better! I've spent tons of money on dermatologists and fancy skin creams over the years....the biggest thing I took away from the program is that if I give my body the nutrient-rich clean/whole foods that it craves, my body does the rest.


I have more consistent energy throughout the day... no more need for that extra shot of caffeine in the middle of the afternoon.


I also lost 5 pounds and no longer have a bloated tummy so my clothes fit much better.


And I have more skills in the kitchen! I've learned how to cook healthy, whole, clean foods for myself and my family. I'm excited that my son will grow up learning how to do it for himself too.


If anyone is on the edge about whether or not to do this program, I'd tell you it's a commitment... but it's worth it. If you put yourself into it 100%, it will give back to you 10x and your life will never be the same again. "

Laura's New Favorite Foods:


This breakfast is an energy powerhouse for me: quinoa with avocado and scrambled eggs. No better way to start the day.


Laura's Food Triggers:

  • Dairy: Causes congestion and sneezing

  • Gluten:  Causes bloating and breakouts

Laura CT.png
Candy C.png

"I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and have been plagued with digestive issues all of my life. Before beginning this program, I had to take daily digestive medicines to combat any number of tummy troubles- sometimes several times a day for a mix of different problems. After day 3 of the cleanse, I no longer had any stomach pain or bloating! I seriously could not believe it! It has been 2 months since I started the cleanse, and I still have not taken a single medication for digestion. I am amazed by that!


Having Hashimoto's makes it difficult to lose weight and during my cleanse, I lost TEN pounds, and since reintegrating have only gained 3 of those back. My weight has been consistent every day for the first time in years. Plus, I have realized that a lot of the negative feelings I was having about my body- that I thought were tied to weight- I think were actually tied to my digestive health! Since my tummy feels better, I feel better about myself!


I am a vegetarian, and before the cleanse, I thought I was eating healthy and exercising and was so frustrated by my weight and my health! I thought I was doing everything right & it wasn't working! I have since realized that there was a lot I still could learn! I am a full time student and really value education- I feel the real value of doing Kim’s is that I feel like I took a college course in myself, in my body, and how to keep it happy! To me, that has been priceless!


I have since reintegrated many foods back into my daily routine. Now I know what foods to avoid, if possible, and what foods I can use to reset my system and put me back on track- say after a bowl full of chips and salsa, washed down with a margarita- now I know how to do it!


So, not only do I feel lighter, but my purse feels lighter because its not full of antacids, anti-nausea & anti-bloating medicines!"

Candy's Food Triggers:

  • Nightshades: Bloating, weight gain

  • Soy: Bloating, Stomach Pain

  • Citrus: Impacts Energy Levels

"I started the program as a way to try to manage multiple "thyroid related" symptoms rather than agree to start multiple prescription medications. These symptoms were physically and psychologically draining and extremely frustrating. My Endocrinologist told me my symptoms were "normal" for people with thyroid imbalance, yet didn't really have any answers except referring me to other specialists. I turned to Kim and LLM for that help.


Within 10 days of starting, all of my painful, debilitating, anxiety-causing, supposedly thyroid related symptoms were gone! I am shocked and thrilled that I was able to end the cycle of helplessness I felt trying to cope with the many ill effects of gluten and other food intolerances.


The program was so straight forward, the support was so valuable and the results are truly life changing. I was advised by my doctor that to gradually stabilize my thyroid function and see some relief from my symptoms could be up to a year-long process Instead, in two months, I've learned that certain foods caused many of my symptoms and, with medication, my thyroid levels are normal.


This program has helped me identify my food balance in a manner that has permanently altered my understanding of how what I eat affect me and my health. A great bonus on top of all the above is that I also lost weight."

Stacy T’s Results:

  • Weight: ↓16.5 pounds

  • Sleep Quality: ↑ "5" to "9"

  • Waking Energy: ↑ "3.5" to "9"

  • 2:00 - 4:00 PM Energy: ↑ "5" to "9" (goodbye afternoon slump!)

  • Overall Energy: ↑ "4" to "9"

  • Mental Clarity: ↑ "4" to "8"

  • Anxiety: ↓ "8" to "4"

  • Irritability: ↓ "8.5" to "2"

  • Sinus Congestion: ↓ "8" to "3"

  • Itchy Eyes: ↓ "5" to "0"

  • Headaches: ↓ "7", 4-5x/week to "0"

stacy T.png
Linda A.png

"I can't say enough positive things about how Kim’s program has helped me. I suffered from allergies and hives on my forearms and lower legs for years. I also had urticaria which is hives from pressure like a scratch or anything constricting on my body like an elastic waistband. I thought it was stress or that I might even have an autoimmune disease. My allergy doctor had me on antihistamines for years and said that something had triggered a histamine response in my body that was causing all this mayhem.


Kim helped me not only get my allergies under control but now after going through the program, I may have even 'reset' my body as I no longer have an allergy to citrus (hello margaritas!) I am still reintegrating other foods but so far so good. My urticaria is gone too and even my 'cedar fever' allergies are practically non-existent.


I have learned a whole new way of eating healthy and living. I was hesitant in the beginning thinking I would be suffering through the cleanse but it was far better than the years of suffering from ailments. I have started to feel so good that I have a new spring in my step, not to mention that I've lost 7 pounds in two weeks (hello bikini!).


I don't think I'll ever go back to my old eating habits. Thanks so much Kim! You've changed my life!”

Linda's Results:

  •  Weight: ↓ 6.5 pounds

  • Sleep Quality: "4" ↑ "8"

  • Stress: "8" ↓ "4"

  • Congestion: "8" ↓ "3"

  • Itchy Eyes: "8" ↓ "1"

  • Hives: "9" ↓ "0"

  • Skin Glow: "3" ↑ "6"

"I was completely amazed at how much the food I consumed had everything to do with the way I feel. The first week of detox was difficult, however, necessary to get to the amazing place I got to. By day 10 I was feeling unbelievable - my energy was a 10 from waking to 8-9pm at night. I slept like a rock every night and would wake up energized and optimistic about the day. My mental clarity and ability to focus were sharper than I could have ever imagined, day after day I was 'on', this was absolutely priceless. Another amazing 'win' was that I'm allergic to my cats, who spend their days lazily on our bed. So every night when I'd get into bed, I would start sneezing, get very congested and my eyes would itch. By about day 7 I had NO allergies in my bedroom at night. I honestly didn't believe it and thought it was just a fluke. However, when those allergies STILL haven't been back, nearly 3 months later - there is no other answer, but food!I have been through other cleanses and food based diets over the years, however, none with coaching. Having my coach, Erin was the essential to my success. Erin was incredibly patient, and kind and knowledgeable. There were several instances where she picked up on food intolerances that I would have completely overlooked. Plus, knowing she would be watching what I ate all day made me honest and accountable. I really looked forward to her notes each day.I know a couple of others who've been through The Love Cleanse whose experiences were completely different than mine - they had great experiences as well, just completely different. I would absolutely recommend The Love Cleanse for anyone who wants to know how they can feel and be the best they can be! It's a true investment in yourself.”

Carrie's Results:

  • Waking Energy: ↑ "2" to "9"

  • 2-5PM Energy: ↑ "5" to "2"

  • Overall Energy: ↑ "5" to "8"

  • Abdominal Discomfort: ↓ "8" to "0-1"

  • Mental Clarity: ↑ "5" to "8"

  • Night Congestion: ↓ "8.5" to "0"

  • Sneezing: ↓ "4" to "0"


Carrie's New Favorite Foods:


  • TLC Green Juice

  • Hemp Milk

  • Superfood

  • Coconut oil

  • Sunbutter


Carrie's Happy Foods:


“Even the littlest bit of protein will brighten my mood. If I feel energy and mood declining, I just eat a handful of nuts or have a Superfood shake and I'm back to good!”


Carrie's Food Triggers:  

  • Citrus: Causes digestive issues and makes my face puffy

  • Cashews: Create digestive issues

  • Dairy: Increases hunger and causes water retention/weight gain

  • Nightshades: Disrupt sleep

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